Horizon Payments provides merchant services and advocacy for businesses. The payment processing industry can be confusing – equipment, gateways, software integration, fees, contracts and more. Horizon Payments is here to be your advocate in navigating the merchant payment market and ensure your systems are running optimally at a fair price.

We have helped small and large businesses understand and negotiate rates on their credit card processing and avoid overpaying fees. With our expert guidance, our clients have saved hundreds and thousands of dollars on their merchant service accounts annually. We believe in providing ethical and honest support to build the trust for lifetime relationships.

Whether you have a new business, are dissatisfied with your current processor, or simply want to know more about the industry, we are here to help.


Want to learn more about your customers? Need a new point of sale system but don’t know where to start? Looking to expand your online presence? Horizon Payments can guide you through the process, discover what is important to you, and even provide solutions you may not have considered.